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Iktomi and the Berries

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Call Number: GOB
Paul Goble
The story of "Iktomi and the Berries" shows how Iktomi is a braggart and isn't very nice to the enviornment and animals around him. Iktomi is hunting and is very impressed with himself and believes his ancestors would feel the same way. Iktomi gets in trouble while hunting as he is so prideful and isn't very careful which then he falls into the river.

The story of Iktomi is based upon a Lakota tale that shows how Iktomi has trickster like qualities. Teachers may have to prepare in advance of reading this book with students. A conversation about traditional hunting beliefs (preparing for the hunt; hunting as a necessary event to feed oneself and community; using all parts of the animal; preparing the meat and furs, etc.) will need to be discussed with students.

There are references to "white people" which will require a conversation with students about proper terminology. Teachers may want to discuss: who the Lakota people are, their beliefs, their tribal customs, the idea of trickster tales, and vocabulary words.

This book requires a pre-read by teachers for use in classrooms.
Orchard Books, 1989
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Grade 4 to Grade 7
Picture Books
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trickster tales fables animals ancestors hunting
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