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Red Bird Sings

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Price: $20.95
Call Number: CAP
Gina Capaldi Q.L. Pearce
An inspirational story of the life of Zitkala-Sa also known as Gertrude Simmons-Bonnin, a writer, musician, and activist based on her writings in the Atlantic Monthly in the 1900’s. At the age of 8, Zitkala had left her family and traditional Native American life along the Missouri River to board a train to attend a boarding school in Indiana, where she could learn to read and write. Zitkala-Sa struggled as she recognized the injustices of her people and loss of traditional life while desiring to further her passion and gift of music and writing at Carlisle. She became an accomplished musician and first Native American violinist to perform before a U.S. president, and first Native American to write an opera and have it staged. As an activist, she founded the National Council of American Indians in 1926 and lobbied congress to gain support for her people. She edited the American Indian magazine and written several literary works.
Carolrhoda Books, 2011
Appropriate for grades:
Grade 1 to Grade 6
Physical Characteristics:
Sioux musician activist history residential schools aboriginal role models Aboriginal resilience determination biography
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