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Buniq's Boots

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Call Number: CUT
Robert Cutting
Buniq, which means "my girl" in Inuktitut loses the new pair of boots that were made by her grandmother. What will Buniq do?

Turtle Island Voices are an outstanding must have collection for schools and libraries! Thoughtfully written, the series includes traditional, modern and informational stories aimed at developing awareness, respect and understanding of the Aboriginal cultures. Books are ideal for guided reading. Beautiful illustrations, photographs and invaluable "Teachings from Turtle Island" are included in the back of the book. Library and classroom packs, a comprehensive teacher’s guide and CD- Rom are available.
Titles in the Grade 1 leveled reader series include:
•Humminbird and the Fire
•Beaver and Porcupine
•Fawn Gets Her Spots
•Bear Listens
•Buniq’s Boots
•Coyote’s Trick
•The New Girl
•What Do You Do?
•Our Reserve
•That's Awesome!

Rubicon Publishing Ltd., 2011
Part of Series:
Turtle Island Voices
Appropriate for grades:
Pre-School to Grade 1
Physical Characteristics:
Honesty (truthfulness, sincerity) 1.1 My World: Home, School and Community family Aboriginal culture 12.2 Issues in Contemporary Citizenship grandmother kindness cultural identity Animal Stories 1-3 1.2 Moving Forward with the Past: My Family, My History and My Community Inuit
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