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The Comic Book War book image
Comic Book War is the final installment in the trilogy written by Metis author Jacqueline Guest that began with Belle of Batoche and Outcast of River Falls. read more

Horten's Miraculous Mechanisms : Magic, Mystery and a Very Strange Adventure book image
Stuart Horten is not happy that he and his eccentric if distracted parents move back to his dad’s home town of Beeton, England. During a walk his dad stumbles across the abandoned home of... read more

Last Airlift : a Vietnamese Orphan's Rescue from War book image
In 1975, 57 Vietnamese babies and children were airlifted away from their orphanage in Saigon as the city was being invaded. This book is the true story Tuyet, of one of these children th... read more

Blizzard of Glass : the Halifax Explosion of 1917. book image
The Halifax Explosion is a remarkable story in Canadian history and is brought to life in this book through great detail about the explosion itself but also how it personally affected fiv... read more

Seeing Symmetry book image
read more

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Me Funny book image
Me Funny is a collection of stories from a variety of writers from a variety of fields about Aboriginal humour. This book is not recommended for students due to its mature content (langu... read more

The Anishinaubaemowin series book image
The Gift of the Stars: An ongoing Meegiwaewinan is a collection of short stories in English and Ojibwe languages. The Story "The Bear" is about child psychological, verbal and physical ... read more

The Giant Bear book image
The Giant Bear: An Inuit Folktale is a story that has been passed from generation to generation, traditionally of the Arctic region. This story is of survival of a family, making camp an... read more

Raven's Gift book image
A short story filled with fun-facts about Greenland's peoples, animals and environment from the perspective of a non-Indigenous author about the experience of a non-Indigenous traveller. ... read more

Knots on a Counting Rope book image
read more