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Community Sponsored Awards and Scholarships

Each community sponsored award, bursary or scholarship listed below has its own criteria and application requirements.

Before completing the application form, the student applicant will need to:

  • Request letters of reference and prepare a variety of documents. See the GETTING READY TO APPLY section for each award.
  • All documents will need to be scanned and saved as .pdf files using the student’s EPSB ID (e.g. 12345678-Letter.pdf or 12345678-Writing.pdf).
  • Print and complete the parent consent form (if under 18).

Please note: A partially completed application form cannot be saved.

Once an application form has been submitted the school principal will receive an email asking them to support the student’s application.

APPLICATION DEADLINE is Wednesday, April 17, 2019 for all community sponsored awards, bursary and scholarships. 



 Ben Sauvé Artstrek Bursary High school students
 Betty Finch Scholarship Grade 12
 Catherine and Robert Povaschuk Scholarship Grade 12
 Esther and Peter Cunliffe Scholarship Grade 12 
 French Bilingual Awards Grades 6, 9 and 12
 Grace Elaine Campbell Scholarship Grade 12
 James P. Jones Scholarship Grade 12
 LeRoy Warden & Associates Scholarship Grade 12
 Margaret T. Stevenson Talented Young Writer Award Grade 8
 Opportunity Through Education Sandra B. Woitas Scholarship Grade 12